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Sunday 10:59:13-16:04:13

Last May my incredible wife gave me this special birthday present. The past 12 months have been quite busy at home with the birth our our daughter. Things have been a bit more mellow these days. 30 Days of Creativity motivated me to get on all the little projects that have been on my mind, but on the back burner.

This Shuttle model is by far the nicest LEGO set that I have ever assembled. The detail, structural stability, and the fact that I grew up with the Shuttle program made this build a real joy. I am excited to share this model with my daughter and my students. We need to ignite the spark of science in the next generation. Space exploration holds the power to do just that. Today’s youth will be the ones to develop the space craft that carry humans beyond low earth orbit.

Here is a time lapse slide show of the building of the model:

Tomorrow I will be grilling.